Make your own

You didn’t find from Broad Street Cafe choices anything that is interesting to you. That is fine, we have a solution. You can make your own. Be your own creator
MAKE YOUR OWN Toppings from below, $1 each, except for special items.
Meat Cheese
Ham Beef Prosciutto +3$ Cheddar Blue Cheese
Turkey Grilled Chicken + $2 Swiss Parmesan
Bacon Smoked Salmon + $3 Gruyere Goat Cheese
Sausage Prosciutto + $2 American Feta
Vegetable Sauces-Spreads
Tomatoes Roasted Peppers Blue cheese Ranch
Onion Carrots Caesar Lemon Vin
Broccoli Cucumber Horse Radish 1000 Islands
Mushrooms Corn Mayo Srircha
Asparagus Fresh Peppers Italian Pesto
Spinach Olives Hot Sauce
Arugula Jalapeno
Chickpea Spring Mix Romaine
Avocado + $1.50

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