Vanilice (VAH-NY-LY-TSHE)

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August 18, 2018
September 25, 2018

‘Vanilice’ are Serbian cookie and they are bite-sized and very very addicting. Serbian women are making them usually for Christmas. We in Broad Street Cafe salad bar Ridgewood NJ making them by an original receipt, come to us to try it for free 🙂

Vanilice are sandwich of two cookies together with a jam filling between. You can use whatever jam you like but most common is apricot and raspberry.

A traditional recipe for ‘Vanilica’ use leaf lard, but that is not a common ingredient in US, instead of that you can use butter. They are very cheap but very hard to make. Imagine standing on your feet 2 hours, cutting every single piece…but it worth it.

You are going to fell in love from the first bite, believe me. These small sweet sandwiches are melting in your mouth.

And I am going to give you one tip, they are even better a few days after you made them.

Do you want to know why?

After a few days, the cookie softners from the moisture of the jam turning the whole thing into a bite that melts in your mouth.


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