Mediterranean salad – Broad Street Cafe – Salad, Sweet and Savory Crepes Pastry bar

cobb salad broad street cafe
Cobb Salad – Broad Street Cafe – Salad, Sweet and Savory Crepes Pastry bar
October 4, 2018
omg-salad broad street cafe
OMG salad – Broad Street Cafe – Salad, Sweet and Savory Crepes Pastry bar
October 9, 2018
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Broad Street Cafe salad bar Mediterranean salad or Greek salad, In Greece they call it “Horiatiki”, which means village salad. The original recipe for Greek salad is made with tomato, sliced cucumber, onion, feta cheese (slices are on the top of other ingredients), olive and seasoned with salt and oregano, and dressed with olive oil.

This salad is served all over the world. The only difference between original Greek salad and Mediterranean is a shape of feta cheese, and the Mediterranean salad goes with lettuce or spring mix. In our salad bar serve “American style” of Mediterranean salad with spring mix and balsamic dressing.

Spring mix like its name say, contain:

  • The mix of baby spinach
  • green romaine and red romaine
  • arugula.

It is very low in calories and packed with nutrients.

Tomatoes are fruits and they are a good source of:

  • Vitamin C, Vitamin K.
  • Cucumber-one more fruit. Very low in calories, and has a good amount of water. When applied to your skin for the same reasons that it’s so good for your body when you eat it.
  • it is full of antioxidants
  • it has vitamin A,B,C, Biotin

Red onion.

Red onion is very low in calories and sodium. And contain no fat. It is full of vitamin B that helps the body make healthy new cells. There is one legend that Greek soldiers were rubbing onion on their skin because they believed it’s going to give them strength and speed movement.


From biblical times olives have served as a symbol of peace and unity. Olives and olive oil protect skin against breast and skin cancer. It is good for heart Feta-this cheese is from Greece and it means slice. It can be crumbled or in the block.


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